Song Fa Prosperity Fortune Pot 松發新春盆菜

Song Fa Prosperity Fortune Pot 松發新春盆菜

22 Feb, 2023

Introduction to Pen Cai (Fortune Pot): 

The widely known legend traces back to Song Dynasty when the Emperor fled from Hangzhou to the area around Guangdong province to escape Mongol invaders. The locals served the Emperor and his troops with the best food they had in large wooden basin.   

Thereafter, this tradition continues when the best food/ingredients are prepared for their esteemed guests in large basin.  

Today, Pen Cai is being enjoyed during Lunar New Year.  For auspicious reasons, there are usually 10 ingredients which symbolise perfection (十全十美) and 8 pieces of each ingredient to represent prosperity (发). 




How is Song Fa Bak Kut Teh’s Fortune Pot (Pen Cai) different from others? 

Song Fa’s Fortune Pot contains two of our signature ingredients which are the Prime Spare Ribs and Braised Pork Belly.  

These two ingredients complement the rest of the ingredients perfectly creating the Unique Song Fa’s Fortune Pot (Pen Cai).  


Our Fortune Pot is available for pre-order from 09 December 2022 across ALL Outlets.  

Song Fa Prosperity Fortune Pot (Pen Cai) includes the following ingredients: 

  • Abalone 鲍鱼  
  • Prawn  
  • Fish Maw 鱼鳔 
  • Dried Oyster 蚝干 
  • Prime Spare Ribs 肋骨 
  • Braised Pork Belly 卤扣肉 
  • Mushroom 花菇 
  • Radish 白萝卜 
  • Yam 芋头 
  • Scallop 带子 

Reheating Steps for Fortune Pot 

Enjoy our Fortune Pot (Pen Cai) at the comfort of your own house with these simple steps! 


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